Harvest Gathering


:: The Dates for the one and only 2011 Harvest Gathering Music Festival in Asheville, NC are as follows ::
Friday October the 28th
Saturday October the 29th
Sunday October 30th
:: At the Vance Monument also known as Pax Square in a setting commonly referred to as Downtown Asheville
Congratulations You're invited!


:: To bring a close to The Harvest Gathering Music Festival Tour 2010,
as the caravans disband and head to their city's or country's of origins...
We bid you thanks and farewell until next year.
A special thank you to all of our dedicated, cooks, musicians, artists, stage builders and especially garbage fetchers
As our journey comes to an end for now...
Thank you for the music you made and the part you play in this family of travelers.
See you down the road!
Thank you Asheville, Thank you Tampa, Thank you Melbourne, Thank you Ft Myers Beach! We love you!
::For pictures and art from this and past Harvest Gathering
and To keep up with this Flying Circus follow @HarvestGatherin on Twitter or Facebook


This is the address for the melbourne harvest gathering this weekend.
Riverview Park
2400 Riverview Drive
Old Downtown Melbourne

:: Please get flyers to churches and youth groups! ::


:: Harvest Gathering Music Festival 2010 ::
::Asheville :: Tampa :: Melbourne ::
Free Admission :: Free Music :: Free Food
Some of the most eclectic bands from around the US
Who tour together to bring awareness to hunger
and the ever growing number of homeless in America

Vance Monument / Pack Square
Downtown Asheville, NC
October 29 Fri. 6-10 Music/Food
October 30 Sat. 12-10 Music/Food
October 31 Sun 12-10 Music/Food

The Barn @ Winthrop Centre
Tampa, FL
November 4 Thurs. 6pm-10pm Music/Food 11pm-3pm Ybor City
November 5 Fri. 6pm-10pm Music/Food 11pm-3pm Ybor City
November 6 Sat. 12-10pm Music/Food 11pm-3pm Ybor City
November 7 Sun. Noon - ? Music

Old Downtown Melbourne
Melbourne, FL
November 11 Thurs. 6pm-10pm Music 11pm till? Acoustic Coffeehouse
November 12 Fri. 6pm-10pm Music 11pm till? Acoustic Coffeehouse
November 13 Sat. 12noon-10pm Music 11pm till? Acoustic Coffeehouse
November 14 Sun. 12noon- ? Music


:: Get your Harvest Gathering Flyers/Posters ::
Get your flyers or get with a group going out to hand out flyers in your area
Flyer pickup Tampa/Brandon : 813.598.5842
Flyer pickup in Asheville : 828.253.1426
Flyer Pickup Melbourne : 813.421.3761


:: For your calendar's reading pleasure ::
::The 2010 dates for Harvest Gathering your FREE Music Festival::
Harvest Gathering Asheville 2010 :: Friday October 29th :: Saturday October 30th :: Sunday 31st
Tampa/Brandon :: Friday November 5th :: Saturday November 6th :: Sunday November 7th
Melbourne :: Friday November 12th :: Saturday November 13th


:: Introducing new Harvest Gathering 2010 Bands ::
If you haven't checked out this years bands, what are you waiting here for? Check the bands page & if that's not enough for you go find them on Facebook. We love our bands and they love their Harvest Gathering!
But who wouldn't love this? Some of the most eclectic bands from around the US touring together to bring awareness to hunger & the ever growing number of homeless in America. Help us change things in your city


:: Have you found us on Facebook? ::
If you aren't already our friend on Facebook, find us there for steady news as the festivals get closer. Also, if you have facebookriends who are music lovers and or friends who like FREE things, like music festivals... Maybe you should invite them to the Harvest Gathering Facebook, not to mention the festival.


:: Have you heard of Twitter? ::
If you already have been fully abducted into the world of technology & you're on this up to the minute information device called Twitter you can follow us there www.twitter.com/harvestgatherin. If you haven't then by all means don't join twitter on our account.


Are you wondering about the dates for the best Free Music Festival in the Carolina's? (That would be Harvest Gathering Music Festival 2010) ::: We'll, we've got them right here for you. October 29, October 30 and October 31 ::: So, it looks like you came to the right place :)


:: Detour due to Rockslide ::
There was a rock slide on 40 coming into Asheville, NC from the Knoxville, TN direction. So for those coming to Asheville from that direction we suggest a detour:
81 splits off from 40 just outside of Knoxville. Take 81 north to 26 south to Asheville. See you there!


If you need posters or flyers message us on Facebook or email: harvestgathering@aol.com


Are you following us on... Twitter? Facebook? along the road from your house to the Harvest Gathering, for the 10th year now? If you're not... find your boots, your scarf, your drum, a noisy gong or clanging cymbal and your appetite for good things that are free and come make more music, art and memories with us


We are quite pleased to be back in Pack Square for our 10th anniversary. The construction is finished, and it's as close to City County Plaza (Harvest Gathering's Birthplace.) as you can get at present, which is close enough for us...
Pack Square and City County Plaza are something like twins or neighbors :)


Here's a playlist of some of the bands that have performed at the Harvest Gathering over the years. Oh and guess what? We'll add more. So there.
This play list has been temporarily removed but you can go to the Bands Page for a list of Bands & links to their Myspace's for a sampling of what we have each year!


The location of the 10th annual Harvest Gathering Music Festival will be at the Asheville City County Plaza. This is the 10th aniversary, so expect something special. We will be posting this years line up soon.


You can now download a poster for the harvest gathering and put it up anywhere you like. But I would like to state that it would be most effective to post these withen 300 miles of where the harvest gathering will be (Asheville, NC)

Here are the links.

Black and White



The location of the harvest gathering once again will be the frecnh broad co-op parking lot. This is good people.


Welcome to the new harvestgathering.com. This is pretty much like the website for this festival, I'm not the offical voice but I run a big part of it and make the site so I feel like I have a right to talk. You can look at pictures and stuff, cool stuff like that, and you can browse the band page and see if your friends band is playing (they're not). But you know do what you like.

This year we're doing the whole Free Bands/Free food/Free alternative-energy-education/Free free combo thing again. So if your into any of that stuff you should come down and hang out with like minded people and stare at the strange unlike minded people that may or may not volunteer.

The 9th annual
Harvest Gathering '08
October 31st thru November 2nd

Hello everyone! Summer is passing quickly and you know what that means... It's time to make your plans to head down to the 9th annual Harvest Gathering Asheville! October 31st - November 2nd mark your calender, pack your dancing shoes and get ready for the best year yet!



You can now find Harvest Gathering on facebook.com.
Do you know what com stands for? If you do then you should tell us so we can post it on this page.


This year our emphasis is on awareness of the need for alternative energy sources and why… With speakers on a variety of renewable solutions to our countries present need for economic and environmentally safe sustainable energy and food sources. As well as on communal lifestyle and other sustainable solutions.



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